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"Let's make event planning easy!"

Planning an event seems interesting till we come across all the hard work that goes behind the actual result.

In this digital age, why to have any dilemma related to outcome of an amalgamation of services and décor. This platform is perfect to narrow down all your thoughts into clear a vision.

With a simple mission statement, MyEvent.Deals aims to be the one stop shop where customers can get all the answers to their questions related to event planning. All their doubts will end even before they approach a wedding planner.

Our platform helps customers connect with vendors having experience in organizing events at venues where the customer looks forward to host an event. This is made possible with the help of packages that are created by vendors bundling event services like decoration, entertainment, catering, hospitality and so on. By this, the vendors also get the opportunity to make their portfolio work for them and hence get more queries based on the work they have undertaken. In this fast paced environment, everyone strives to have the best. The consumers want the best service in full accordance to their demands, whereas, the vendors strive to be the best in the market by providing undeniably good work to their clients. Our platform combines both the parties’ benefits.

With the event specific packages that are customized for a specific venue, be it a hotel, a farmhouse or any other event space, one can find ready- made decoration options for the venue of their choice even before meeting an event planner or decoration vendor. These packages give the consumer a fair idea about the end product that he/she will receive. They can then make changes according to their needs and likes. Not only they can add but also remove the items which they do not like.

We aim to provide more choices to consumers for the best satisfaction. After all, an event planned with their choice will be an unforgettable one.

The whole concept is to reduce uncertainty in terms of pricing and how a specific theme would look in a venue.

We ardently aspire to connect customers with the right kind of vendors, the ones who can deliver the customers their expectations in a particular budget that they tend to have for that event.

All packages on our website are customizable. Customers choose the package he/she is the most connected with. The transactions happen directly between the vendor and the customer as we provide you with the best ones already.

Every event has a special emotion attached to a particular person. A particular outlook that you desire to have is created with by our vendors who believe in keeping their work sophisticated and clean. Our vendors always create classic outlooks which are lavish and refreshing at the same time.

With this simple desire to make things clear and convenient for the people, we work immensely to find out the best of the bests.

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