Hotel Raj Bagh Palace Jaipur

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This supremely luxurious Hotel is located in the Amer Fort in Jaipur. Its palatial aura is unparalleled. The hotel’s architecture is beautifully designed like the traditional Havelis of ancient times. The exterior is huge and well-defined with dim yellow and white walls. The hotel has an extraordinary outlook, not like the usual luxury hotels which have an extremely modern exterior. The hotel exhibits Indian authentic vibes but its interior is a pure luxury well maintained by the hardworking staff. Its location also provides a serene environment as it is away from the city side. A cool breeze blows from all its surroundings with the greenery and trees. A spacious garden is made for fresh air, a cool environment, great aesthetics, and also for happy events to take place. A big swimming pool also makes space for a poolside party for occasions like Mehndi, Bachelor’s, birthday, or roka. This big castle’s entrance has a big fountain in front of it which looks excellent. Numerous trees and diverse plants are grown on the sides and in front of the entrance with makes the hotel look immensely royal. The hilly view from the hotel is calming and provides the guests an exit from the day-to-day worries of life. The guests can feel the comfort of home when they stay at Hotel Raj Bagh Palace. The hotel is also near to many historical monuments that tourists wish to visit; it makes their stay here an excellent one. The hotel’s central area is curated as a space that looks ethereal. The ancestral homes in India usually had these spaces where the members of big joint families got together in the evenings and have a glee time with conversations and games. The hotel is highly rated for its amazing services. The staff is extremely helpful and is on its toes for a world-class experience. The food is immensely delicious as the talented chefs prepare it with love and warmth.
The verandah has amazing outdoor dining with a garden view. The whole of the interior is significantly Indian and looks ethnic. The furniture for the outdoor dining and the restaurant as well is kept simple and sleek yet classy. The chandeliers and lamps give us chills while we remember the old traditional and royal ways of décor. The lobby is wide and provides a perfect space for celebrations and events. The rooms of the hotel are very well-equipped and are comfortable.
The guests are given an unforgettable experience of hospitality in India through an unconditional promise of service and quality.

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