Hari Mahal Palace

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This eminent hotel is at Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur, Rajasthan. The heritage hotel has luxurious yet traditional touch in its architecture. If you truly love old India and its authentic cultural palaces, this place is essential for your visit. The colours used in the interiors are deep and royal. They give the place unimaginable beauty and charm. There is furniture inspired by historical handcrafts. They come with highly comfortable mattresses to give you a sweet sleep. The walls and the ceilings have decorations with beautiful designs. Curtains match the colour of bed sheets and wall colours.
The renowned building’s exterior looks like a royal palace. It is hence named Mahal, which in Hindi means the same (royal palace). There is a vast lawn with refreshing greenery complementing the cool off-white shade of the palace. This traditional hotel also has a touch of modern with the new age comforts. The picture-perfect lighting of the building makes it look ethereal. There is no way you can take your eyes off with this sublime work of artistry. At night, the beauty with the lighting is bewitching.
Its lawn can be decorated like a dream for a wedding event. The service and hospitality of the place are commendable. There is a restaurant that serves world-class, lip-smacking delicacies to the guests. The hotel is well known for having a good time out of the ordinary routine. The comfort and luxury make you forget all the worries and gives rest to your mind and body.
It can also be creatively used for traditional functions and festivals like karwa chauth, teej, and basant.
The pool of the hotel is heavenly. Although, it is not an outdoor pool, but is an extraordinary swimming pool in a white and gold interior. There are traditional Jaalidaar Windows made with concrete. The white walls have numerous lights of blue and yellow colour. The lights reflect on the pool which looks extremely sublime and unparalleled beautiful.
Everything about this place takes us back to the good old times. If you plan to have a rare but stunning wedding, you cannot forget Hari Mahal Palace.
This hotel has outstanding goodwill with the previous guests and is rated the highest for its grand appearance and even grand service.
The guests are served global cuisines prepared with love by the best chefs. A promise of quality has been kept alive all ages and will never degrade with its constant efforts to improve with each passing day in this high-paced world.

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