Goa Marriott Resort & Spa

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Goa Marriott Resort and Spa is located within a walking distance from Miramar Beach. If you ever have cancelled a Goa plan with your friends, it’s time to recreate one when you get to know about this luxury Hotel in Goa where you can create thousands of unforgettable memories.
It is a sea-facing hotel giving you a perfect sight to stay. You experience the utmost comfort with superb interior décor.
A fine lobby with a mirror-like polished floor reflects the ceiling. The lighting provides deepness and beauty to the place effortlessly. All you can think of is, sitting relaxed and enjoy the view.
The lobby also offers a short but classy lounge where the outside view looks picturesque.
The rooms have king-sized beds for the dear guests’ comfort. The walls are crisps and the interior is absolutely gorgeous with a monochromatic theme.
The garden view rooms have floral walls to compliment the outside view. Not only the rooms but the guest bathrooms are also king-sized and are well equipped with comfort and luxury.
The renowned Hotel is best known for the delicious foods that it serves to the guests. There is Goa Baking company, which is a patisserie with classic cakes, muffins, and much more. For the fine dining, there is AZ.U.R, Wan Hao Dec, two Waterfront Terrace and Bars, Simply Grills, and a pool bar for the perfect Goa experience. While the Simply Grills offers a rare ambience with its open unique hut restaurant service. It looks adorable already but with the tree, it is even prettier.
The hotel pampers the guests with its services for fitness and recreation. It has a charismatic outdoor pool with a cute resting area beside it. It is not an ordinary pool but an enormous one with a great design. It serves as eye candy and holds the viewer’s eyes for a much longer time.
The fitness center is a gym well equipped with major exercises. A hammock is for a lazy nap that turns out to rejuvenate you for the rest of life with eternal memories of the place. The peace you find in the calm multiplies when you experience the extraordinary Spa. The Jacuzzi looks ethereal and fills you with positivity and liveliness.
The place is perfect for business meets as it offers a beach setup for social dinners and a Kalgar Meeting room for the finest experience.
A wedding at Goa Marriott Resort and Spa looks extremely dreamy and quintessential for a couple who plans to stand out of the crowd. You can have a perfect destination wedding here with top-notch service. The poolside view from the lawn wedding setting looks admirable and extremely elegant.
Goa Marriott Resort and Spa is absolutely gorgeous and arresting sight with world-class comfort and luxury.

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