Bon's Adda

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Bon’s Adda is located in Amritsar’s outskirts opposite the very fine Radisson blu Hotel. The area is away from the city crowd and provides a serene environment. This restaurant is a perfect example of excellent hospitality and service. Its exterior has an amazing modern design. The architecture is sleek and truly alluring. A big garden surrounding the modern hut-like restaurant provides an space for events. The garden has amazing lighting. The lights are unique and have diverse sizes on the same line. They look like twinkling stars when the darkness arrives. The sitting area for the guests is adorable with comfortable yet enticing décor. The inside of this restaurant is a perfect space for fine dining. The interior is supreme and classy. There is creativity filled on the walls. Somewhere there are amazing pictures spread all over, while some walls have enchanting paintings which you cannot take your eyes off. This truly amazing interior and outlook is combined with so many other world-class services. The furniture is exceedingly comforting while the tables have a superb, rustic look with the finely furnished wood. Bon’s Adda is best known for its lip-smacking food. People cannot help but lick their fingers while having the delicious dishes here. The praiseworthy chefs have mastered multiple cuisines to serve the diverse desires of the guests. The delicacies are not only scrumptious but also very presentable and aesthetic. The service is commendable as the by the hardworking staff which is always at their toes to give the guests a top-notch experience. This place is an excellent venue for your happy events. The place offers small gatherings in the garden area. This area can be further refined by decorations of your choice in accordance with your event. This place has gathered superb goodwill only in a short time by providing unmatched service. If you plan your event here, this will surely make your big day brighter.

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