The Fern Kesarval Hotel and Spa, Quelossim, Goa, India
  • INR 2,57,004 *


The decoration and entertainment package at The Fern Kesarval Hotel and Spa, Quelossim, goa, is the quintessential filmy Sangeet décor. A wide stage is set up with an interesting background symbolizing different fictional characters. It looks dazzling with the perfect lighting and contrasting red floor of the stage. The sitting area in front of the stage is specially arranged for a comfortable view of performances. It is decorated with white and gold satin clothes for an elegant finish. The photo booth has a crisp white Sofa and a quirky background with several movie posters. There is picture-perfect lighting throughout the area to make this event eternal with amazing pictures. The entrance is dazzling with tiny yellow lights all over the gate. For the amusement of the guests, there are props for pictures like medals, caches, and much more. Make your Sangeet celebration unforgettable with this brilliant décor.


Updated on May 24, 2022 at 8:09 am
  • Package ID: 17595
  • Price: INR 2,57,004 *
  • Package Type: Decoration, Entertainment
  • Event Type: Sangeet
  • Number of Guests: 0-50
  • Event Space: Ballroom
  • City Quelossim
  • State Goa
  • Venue The Fern Kesarval Hotel and Spa
  • Country India

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