How to Decorate Mandap for Wedding?

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Customarily, Hindu weddings are solemnized at an all-around enriched mandap – a four-shaft shelter raised at the focal point of the stage. Albeit the Decor of the mandap fluctuates from one area to another across India, the fundamental idea stays as same – to favor the bride and the bride-groom, tying the wedding knot. The mandap is placed at the wedding scene, basically to direct customs like tying the Mangalsutra, Pheras, and trade of garlands (Jaimala).

Aside from the wedding customs there are pre-wedding functions, like engagement ceremony and likewise can also be performed in a mandap. In settings like these colours in which mandap is decorated plays an important part, since it is “THE Place” where the significant ceremony of the wedding would take place.

If you need a wedding mandap, then, this article has everything you need to know. We have enlisted few ideas for Mandap decoration which would definitely be worth your read.


  • Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas

    • The wedding canopy can be designed in splendid blends like red and silver, assuming you need to grant a customary look to the Decor. Few of the tones that are considered favorable for Indian events like weddings, includes red and silver.
    • You might have seen a lot of times golden and red shades are the fundamental tones while designing a canopy. Eye-catching colors like pink and green looks great too, particularly when you want a vibrant Mandap decor.
    •  The shade can be enhanced with flowers with both types, plastic and fresh. Give a grand appeal to the mandap by using tapestry and enriching antiques.

    ·        Tip: Extensive usage of flowers like Marigold, Roses and Jasmine would bestow a conventional look to your canopy. Using marigold garlands and tons of roses, will help brighten the mandap decor. Wrapping the garlands around the mainstays of the décor would be a good option.


  • If you want your decorations to appear unique from the conventional one, then, a westernized theme is one of the best options to go for. For a western look, you might decorate in silver-tones rather than bright tones and compliment it with designer flowers like Carnations, Child Roses, Lilies, or Orchids.
  •  Instead of garlands, you can also decorate it with silk curtains to cover the mainstays of the mandap. These silk wraps would certainly compliment the westernised idea picked for the canopy.
  • For an ideal backdrop of the canopy, an assortment of flowers like Orchids and Carnations, or the most widely known ones like Roses would be a great option. Drape these flowers at the middle, behind the mandap, that way, the background for the mandap would look appealing.
  • Line the space of the mandap with a brilliant rug. Do make sure that the flowers you have chosen for the background are not conversely, with those, used to brighten the canopy.
  • Lighting plays a significant part in improving the vibe of the mandap. To separate it from different spots of the wedding scene, combine it with strings of yellow lights. You might turn to the affordable alternatives of LED lights, or go for the intricate lighting apparatuses.
  •  It is important to remember not to leave the mandap vacant, for that you would need to arrange comfortable & broad sofa chairs, for the bride and the bride-groom. While picking these chairs make sure that they are in accord to the canopy design.

Few of the Mandap Designs for the weddings:

1. Royal Wedding Designs

You can definitely have an illustrious wedding at a Royal Residence in Rajasthan. However, you don’t have to spend heavily for wanting to have a beautiful Wedding Mandap for that.

In case it’s a late evening wedding, use bright lights, LED diyas, and cellophane papers covering Mandap lights to give a sublime look. You can use golden or bright tones for an enhanced affect.

If it’s a day wedding, use a combination of shaded bandhani printed Dupattas and Sarees as curtains.

2. Flower Based 

With regards to wedding Mandap plans, flowers play a vital role. Well, this is one of the reasons why we recommend that a detailed discussion with your wedding flower vendor about the flower availability should be done before hand. They may not completely compliment your imaginative plans with their magnificence but will guarantee that your basic mandap decor stand-out. In case you’re choosing a picturesque marriage, then it be necessary to make sure the availability of seasonal flowers.

Here are a couple of flower choices for simple yet beautiful Mandap Decorations:

• Marigolds are practically inseparable from weddings and celebrations. They look lovely and also a practical expense. You can use various shades of marigolds for Canopy decorations. Go through them for winding the columns or as hangings. Not just these excellent flowers add the hint of dynamic quality and joy in your wedding celebrations but also is closely identified with Indian customs and culture.


• Whenever in two minds, choose Roses. Flowers like roses are a good selection for the Mandap decorations and flower bundles. They will add an effect of beauty and elegance to simple canopy decorations.

• How about a fragrant wedding Mandap? Then the flower Mogra enriched canopy planned with Gajra style decorations and hangings would be a stunning idea. Not necessarily an all-white Mogra mandap décor would look as striking as other given options but these flowers would definitely look pleasing for your wedding pictures.


3. Beach Wedding Canopy Designs

In case you’re organizing a wedding on the seashore, you can pick windy tones for your Mandap decor. Go for Lilac or Ocean Green colour curtains and floor seating tones. Delicate peach, pink and white are likewise acceptable seashore tones. You can use white flowers to blend with the decorations or yellow marigolds for contrasts. Another beautiful idea is to include drape decoration of shells for your seashore wedding.

4. Bengali Mandap Designs

The little plantain tree is a key piece of a Bengali wedding Mandap decoration. Take motivation from a Bengali wedding and you can include plantain leaves as your Canopy Design.

There are many other creative styles to design your wedding canopy. For instance, you can use a Navri Saree as curtains on your Marathi wedding; a hand-woven Gamasa, or a Sador for a conventional Assamese wedding. Research and request help from your wedding organizer to get different ideas for simple yet stylish Mandap decorations for your wedding.


 All things considered; the Canopy is the place where you not only form a new bond but create memories to be cherished for years. It’s exclusivity & simplicity matters, the reason we, at My Events are willing to go a step forward out of our comfort zones, to make your wedding dream come true.

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