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This beautiful city of Maharashtra is often called the city of dreams. It is rightly praised as it is the biggest city of India which was previously known as Bombay. The city is densely populated as people from different countries and states reside here in the wish to fulfill their aspirations. This dream city is very well-structured and designed with wide roads and large buildings. It is technically advanced and offers a superb ambience for the faster-growing ideas of the new generation. The top-class facilities of the city are undeniably good. This city is not the only generation friendly but also is culturally grounded with all the Maratha traditions still alive. The folk Maratha culture flourishes all over the city and people are greatly indulged towards their roots. It is the proud city that contains the highest number of millionaires and billionaires in India and also is home to the big superstars who not only reside here but in the hearts of the people of India. Having a tropical climate Mumbai has a lot of rains in the monsoon. It has the Marine Drive, an awesome sight for the people who love waters and calming places. This immensely gorgeous city has beaches that form an excellent venue for celebrations and sites romantic proposals. The great aura if the city is filled with love, warmth, and enthusiasm. All the natives are superb with hospitality and also serve the tourists in commendable hotels and resorts. The accommodation is exceedingly lavish and comforting. This city has an awesome web of roads with swift transportation means making your stays effortlessly amazing. Mumbai has people coming from different ethnicities and cultures living together with harmony and brotherhood. Also, it is a gorgeous city which attracts many tourists with its beauty, culture language and food. The cuisine of the city is very distinctive and is world-famous for its unimaginably amazing taste. It is the creator of the scrumptious Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Misal Pav, and chaat. The authentic taste of the Pani Puri which is known across the borders can be truly felt when had on the streets of Mumbai. This graceful city is an awesome location to have a commendable destination wedding. Also, the beaches of Mumbai call for a perfect vacation and provide a stupendous sight for a beachside wedding. The ethereal dream-like weddings take place at these kinds of prime locations that make you forget all your worries and relax in the best possible way.

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