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The beautiful city is located in the north of the Salsette Island of Maharashtra. It is a very well-developed and technically advanced area that is also densely populated. People who live here often come from diverse backgrounds, cities, states, and countries. The city has modern architecture with tall and sleek buildings. It has two sections- the east part and the west part. The east part mainly comprises Industry and the west side is a fine residential area. This place is a fine amalgamation of superb residency with the calm surroundings and the industrially growing part. It is called a metropolitan city, the area still offers great accommodations to the people living nearby. This place has large apartment buildings providing the people with a great sense of living together in harmony. This place is famous for its diverse strata. The fast-paced city still looks quiet and calming. This technically advanced area makes everything easier and swift either the lifestyle or the arrangement of events, everything looks well organized and manageable. There are several luxurious hotels that make your stay effortlessly amazing. You find true comfort and lavishness at the hotels which are also a great venue for your desired events. It provides relaxing accommodations and enormous space for grand events like weddings, receptions, business meetings, conferences, and corporate parties. Everything is done in a classy and very well-organized arrangement. This city is away from Mumbai in Thane district, but many migrants find their temporary shelter here because of work. This makes the city extremely modern and fast-paced providing a superb contemporary ambience away from the chaos. Also, the people form a unique gradient of social strata by living in peace and harmony with each other. The effortless and smooth transport facilities available add to the comfort.

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